List of Forklift Gas Suppliers in Brisbane

From the list below we use and recommend Agas National for forklift gas. The web links are put here for your convenience, but you’ll get better information and current pricing by phoning them.

Agas National 3282 5783
Air Liquide Australia 3246 6363
BOC 13 12 62
Elgas 13 11 61
Energex 13 12 53
Kleenheat Gas 13 21 80
Linde Gas 3375 3622
Origin Energy 13 24 62
Supagas Qld 3287 1362


Aluminium Forklift Gas Cylinder Aluminium fork lift gas cylinders are called 15kg

(but weigh about 25kg) and hold approx 29 litres.

Steel Forklift Gas Cylinder Steel fork lift gas cylinders are called 18kg

(but weigh about 43kg!) and hold approx. 36 litres.


On a standard forklift with a four cylinder motor a gas cylinder will last approx. 6-7 hours.

Arrange your gas cylinder exchange service as soon as possible, certain suburbs are serviced only on certain days and your first delivery can take up to a week for some suppliers to get you into their system. If you are hiring a forklift from us we can get the ball rolling for you.

We advise organising your gas supplier and delivery before taking delivery of the forklift. Alternatively we can supply you with LPG in the interim or you can refill cylinders at our depot (current hire customers only). Please note that gas cylinders must be transported standing vertically in the open air i.e. where in the event of an accident they can be spotted by emergency services. This applies even if the cylinder is empty and under no circumstances can forklift gas cylinders be transported in the boot, a van or inside a ute canopy.

Forklift gas cylinders present a manual handling risk because of their size and weight. We advise that Aluminium cylinders are preferred and two people (one at each end) are used whenever lifting or lowering forklift cylinders. Use of a trolley is recommended whenever there is a distance to travel from the cylinder’s storage point to the forklift.

Please take care of where you store your gas cylinders and keep them well away from harm and sources of ignition.

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