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What makes us unique?

Brisbane Forklift Hire is the leading and most trustworthy, LPG & ELECTRIC forklift hire, service and sales company since 1977.

We are the LPG & ELECTRIC forklift hire brisbane professional, passionate about specialising in 1.8 to 3.5 ton branded premium industry grade, power performance forklifts which consistently delivers assured performance. We respond swiftly to every forklift hire (casual or permanent), regular maintenance and preventative care of the forklifts which means your business is guaranteed to move your stock effortlessly and cost effectively, thus enhancing your business’s efficiency and productivity.

Finding the best match for a forklift depends on the unique needs of your business and its material handling operations. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, capacity and lift heights. We know how to help you in deciding which is the right forklift for you.

Whatever your requirements are, you will receive a superior combination of forklift, budget price, quality service and personal attention.

*** LPG POWERED FORKLIFTS: Excellent Fuel Economy, Low Emissions

Our LPG powered forklifts offer you the level of high performance necessary to meet the requirements of your modern business; making them even more dependable, cheaper to run, simpler to maintain and easier to use, which means greater productivity and profitability for you.

*** ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS: Environmentally friendly and zero operating emissions. 

Our branded top of the range electric forklifts have zero operating emissions and are environmentally friendly. Their high productivity, durability, rechargeble capabilities and innovative technology will help supercharge your business.

We, Brisbane Forklift Hire , cordially invite you to come and have a look at our workshop facilities and to meet us all personally. Or I can come to you. We have a long and growing list of satisfied customers and we look forward to welcoming you to be our long term business partner.

Please feel free to Call us or Message us or Email us for a quote or Complete the ENQUIRY FORM below with just a few details from you. Armed with a team of expert forklift professionals, we are always here, ready to help and support you.

Together, we will LIFT your business!

Why businesses have kept coming back


  • Long & Short
    Term Hire

  • No Lock-In Contracts

  • All maintenance included in hire rate

  • Excellent Service & Maintenance Quality

  • Knowledgeable Staff, Over 30 years of Experience

  • Industry Grade Forklift, Genuine
    Performance Strength

  • Fastest Response

  • Trustworthy, Friendly Team

  • Adhere to Workplace Health & Safety

  • Competitive, Budget Price

  • Reliable, Personalised, Efficient Support & Services

  • Fast Delivery to Your Door

The Best Possible Brisbane Forklift Hire & Maintenance Experience!

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Why a growing number of businesses have chosen to HIRE a Forklift instead of buying one ?

YOU ARE IN ABSOLUTE FULL CONTROL which is why a growing number of businesses have chosen to HIRE a Forklift instead of buying one because of its exceptional benefits:

1. Full Flexibility

If your forklift lifting requirements change, hiring a forklift enables you to cost effectively a forklift that is fit for the job that you require it for instead of being tied to a forklift bought for only certain specifications which might have limited application uses. We do not tie you to a contract so it means, changing or upgrading your forklift to something that better suits your circumstances.

2. Decrease Operation Downtime & Disruption

If the forklift stops working, you call us and we come out to you to get it going for you straight away so that you save time and money. It is often critical for business operations to have as little downtime or disruption especially during busy periods.

3. Availability

Causal & Permanent Forklift Hire Brisbane, you choose. If you are unsure how long your business requires the forklift or if you only need it for a specific job for a specific period of time while a project is ongoing, hiring a forklift allows you to get the forklift you need and only pay for it when you need it.

4. No Capital Expenditure

The initial capital cost of purchasing a second used forklift could be in excess of $10,000 and for this reason alone, many businesses choose to hire a forklift which allows them to deploy their capital on achieving returns on their own business operations.

5. No Costly Maintenance & Repairs

The high maintenance cost and repairs of normal wear and tear are included in our hire rate so you have a peace of mind about the hassles and high costs of maintaining your own forklift. We only use genuine parts for our fleet of industry grade forklifts to ensure the best efficiency, long life and strength in performance.

6. Breakdown Replacement

Most companies cannot afford for their forklift not to be working. If your forklift breaks down suddenly, we will offer a speedy replacement so your business continues to operate smoothly and efficiently without any downtime.

7. Scale Up and Down as needed

If you have a seasonal or periodic busy periods at certain times of the month or year, we have a ready national fleet of forklifts for hiring additional forklifts whenever you need so you can meet the peak period demands and dehire the forklifts when those periods are over.

Since 1977, Brisbane Forklift Hire and Maintenance Pty Ltd is the leading, most recognised and trustworthy forklift hire and service company in Brisbane, offering you innovative solutions and competitive, affordable pricing that will exemplify your business’s high performance and productivity in material handling needs. With over 45 years experience, we are dedicated and committed to delivering excellence to all our clients, empowering you to reach your full potential and become successful.